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Nour Fawzi - Fragmented Album Out Now!

The long awaited album by Nour Fawzi "Fragmented" is out now!
You can listen to it and buy it at our SHOP we have the Cd version, 2x12" Vinyl version a MP3 release and we have some T-Shirts in stock!
There is also going to be an American release date for the album which is April 3rd.
From that date on you can order your copy at N5MD and save a lot of postal costs.

plaat nour fawzi

You can also get it here:

Triple Vision
Red Eye records
Amazon (Japan)

Deejay (Germany)


Beatport (Exclusive)

nour fawzi package

Nour Fawzi - Fragmented MTR020 Pre-Order

We will release the debut album by Nour Fawzi called "Fragmented"on Monday the 16th of March.
You can order it on Digipack CD, Double 12" vinyl and Digitally through our SHOP


Broken up, cracked open/apart,shattered, splintered, fractured

1 reduced to fragments
2 existing and/or functioning as though broken into separate parts
3 forcibly separated into many pieces

Highly technical but still organic, combining advanced synthesis & sample wizardry "Fragmented" clearly shows how contrasts can accentuate.

Foley type sound design, heavily edited sample melancholy and brutal basslines put together in an extraordinarily unique and natural sounding fashion, utilizing all disciplines electronic music production has to offer.

The Dutch/Egyptian producer displays an extensive skill set as the album progresses further, blending seamlessly into a cohesive narrative that is most likely some ominous fairytale.

Like a novel has chapters the individual songs become part of a larger composition, compelling the listener to hear how the story ends.

Incredibly diverse and still maintaining a very distinctive style Nour Fawzi's pristine mixing fuses a striking array of audible oddities, nostalgic, brutally dark, wondrous and at times even delicate.

This remarkable debut album is a gluttonous feast of high quality recording technique, from the field to patching modular synths, from intricately sliced drums to crackly obscure vinyl sampling, melded into what electronic music should be...

Music without limitations.

Mindtrick Records

Nour Fawzi Soundcloud
Nour Fawzi facebook

Nour Fawzi Mindcast#8

This year we already have some nice releases planned!
The first one we can reveal is the album by Nour Fawzi.
We will release his debut album "Fragmented" within a few weeks on cd and 2x12" vinyl.
more about this release will be posted here but first
Get to know him with this fresh mix he did for the Mindcast series!

1 Amon Tobin - east to west
2 Koan Sound - dynasty (original mix)
3 Amon Tobin - verbal
4 The Herbaliser - the next spot
5 Atiq & Enk - slow clouds (nour fawzi remix)
6 Nour Fawzi - strum
7 undecided
8 Amon Tobin -white house
9 Moderat - seamonkey
10 Nour Fawzi - palpitations
11 Semiome -six steps
12 Cyance - aphelion
13 End - science fiction
14 Journey (aphex twin care mix)
15 Nour fawzi - cold fusion pt. 2
16 Mechanical me - beachy head (bonobo mix)
17 Undisclosed at this time
18 Generate - engines (nour fawzi remix)
19 Classified
20 Semiome - six steps

Nour Fawzi Soundcloud
Nour Fawzi facebook

L own - Hardened Soul Releases November 17th

Next to the Saviour EP by L own we will also release his full length album called Hardened Soul.
The album contains 14 tracks and digs in even deeper than his Saviour EP.
Call it "future garage" or "ambient" or whatever you like this album deserves your attention!
The artist himself wants to remain in the shadows even we don`t know much about him.
We just like his music and wanted to share it with the rest of the world.

And remember this album can only be fully understood when listening to it with your eyes closed!

L own`s Hardened Soul will be released on Digipack cd and digitally on the 17th of November.

This "Hardened Soul" LP contains the following tracks:

Cat# MTR017CD

01 .Untitled
02. Belong
03. Things
04. Citybred Saint
05. Dubious
06. Shattered
07. Choices
08. Hardened Soul
09. Deep Down
10. Stand Bold
11. For A Time
12. Sigher
13. Headphones
14. Angel

You can Pre Order the cd and vinyl from our SHOP

L own Soundcloud

New releases in November by L own

Finally a new release is coming in November!
We have signed L own to Mindtrick Records for an EP and Album.
The EP is an album sampler for his upcoming album called "Hardened Soul".
The hardened Soul album will be released 2 weeks after the vinyl and will come in a Digipack casing.

This "Saviour" EP contains the following tracks:

Cat# MTR018

A: Saviour
AA: Things
B: Belong
BB: Stand Bold

You can Pre Order the vinyl from our SHOP

L own Soundcloud

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