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Mindtrick X Antilounge Labelnight

On Saturday the 31st of May we are having a Massive Labelnight! @ WORM Rotterdam!
Come and celebrate with us!
Labelnight on Facebook

The Illuminated
Atiq & EnK
and offcourse the antilounge artists:

Charly & Gallus
Raw Bros
Advent Resilience
Nour Fawzi

Known Rebel - Cenacle "Official Videoclip"

Today we`ve released the new EP by Known Rebel!
This is the Official Videoclip for the track "Cenacle"

Just enjoy!

Check the entire release on our Bandcamp page!


Known Rebel - Ocelo EP (Teaser)

We are releasing the new EP by Known Rebel on the 5th of May!
Check it on our Bandcamp page!


Review Atiq & EnK "Embracing Te Unknown" on Igloo and Textura

There is a new interview with Atiq & EnK online by Alien E zine from Slovakia.
With some nice info about upcoming releases and stuff............

Interview Atiq & EnK

And the people from Textura and Igloo Magazine wrote an nice interview about the Atiq & EnK remix album.
Read all about it here!

Textura Review

Igloo Magazine Review


Cyance - Aphelion EP Out on the 24th of March

We are our proud to present our next Digital release.
We`ve signed the Dutch producer Cyance for an EP including 2 remixes by Hajee and DocX aka Ard Bit.
The EP is called the Aphelion EP and entails some very atmospheric and dubby music.
The release will be out on the 24th of March and can be Pre-Ordered in our WEBSHOP now!

Didn`t hear the EP yet? You can listen to some snippets below!

You can follow Cyance on


Atiq & EnK - "Embracing The Unknown" Out Now!

The Atiq & EnK Remix album is out now! It includes the Digital download code and 2 exclusive stickers.
And is available through our WEBSHOP now!

Didn`t hear the album yet? You can listen to some snippets below!

You can follow Atiq & EnK on


Bass Odyssey 3: Atiq & EnK Remix cd Release party

We are proud to present the new 3rd edition of our Co hosted event Bass Odyssey!
This edition we have Dutch Bass heavy newcomer Ganz, The Duke of Juke aka Noize Creator from Suburban Trash under his new Juke monniker.
And the premiere of the new liveset by Atiq & EnK! They will also present their new Remix album called "Embracing The Unknown".
If you are around drop by!

Link To the Facebook Event: BASS ODYSSEY 3rd Edition

Atiq & EnK - "Embracing The Unknown" Digipack CD Release 24th of February

Since we’ve released the album by Atiq & EnK "Fear Of The Unknown" last year on 2x12" we have been playing with the idea to do something special with the music.
It became an entire new album which we called "Embracing The Unknown" and we are releasing it in a special Digipack cd case and digitally online.
The album contains 16 tracks (20 tracks Digitally) and will be released on the 24th of February through our Bandcamp page and on sites such as Beatport and Itunes.
Some artists which collaborated on this release are Roel Funcken (Funckarma), Dutch electronica favourite Julien Mier, Semiomime aka DJ Hidden, and Drum and bass extremists Sinister Souls just to name a few! Also Lowriders own EVS and fellow Rotterdam junglist Deformer delivered their vision on Atiq & EnK`s album.
Another great fact about one of the remixes is that Atiq remixed one of his own tracks
"Moonlit Tea Party" for this release which came out rather different than his former collaboration with EnK.
And did you know that the album ended up on several "Top albums of 2013" lists? Such as the one for Igloomag?
All in all this release is a rather special collection of tracks and really adds something special to the already great album pushing the boundaries and taking the tracks into new unexplored dimensions of sonic realities.
The artwork has been done by Shift for www.futurorg.com

You can Pre-Order and listen to clips on our Soundcloud and Bandcamp page

1:  Intro
2:  Moonlit Tea Party (Tangent Remix)
3:  Stay With The Familiar (Zinovia Vocalized Remix)
4:  Shards Of Brilliance (Julien Mier Remix)
5:  Moonlit Tea Party (Semiomime Remix)
6:  Slow Clouds (Roel Funcken Remix)
7:  My Obligation (The Illuminated Remix)
8:  What Was That (Inofaith Remix)
9:  Sim One (EVS Pretty Annoying Remix)
10: Stay With The Familiar (Deeb Remix)
11: Like An Angel's Feather (Hajee Remix)
12: Moonlit Tea Party (Cyance Remix)
13: The Moment Of Truth (He3dless Remix)
14: Moonlit Tea Party (Atiq`s Cup Of Tea Remix)
15: Sim One (Deformer Remix)
16: Like An Angels Feather (Sinister Souls Remix)

Digital Bonus: Moonlit teaparty SubOctane remix
Digital Bonus: Simone (Delete Remix)
Digital Bonus: My Obligation (H-Sik Remix)


Official Videoclip Delete - A Letter To God

This is the Official Videoclip for Delete - A Letter To God we just released this track on the Frequencies Of The Mind 2" Compilation album.
Check it on our Bandcamp page!


Best wishes for 2014!!

Best wishes for 2014 to all of you! We have 3 upcoming releases planned for the first 2 months of
2014. We have the remix album of Atiq & EnK - Fear Of The Unknown, a digital EP by Cyance and we signed an EP by Known Rebel so a lot of good stuff is coming your way soon.
next to this we suddenly got this link from a fan who made this video for the track "Is That You"
by Delete. Well done!!


Delete _ Is That You from h3lianthuss on Vimeo.

Bass Odyssey 2 Aftermovie!

On the 23rd of November we had Om Unit at our party in Rotterdam.

This the aftermovie! Next party will be held in 2014 so see you next year people!


Mindcast#5: DJ Hidden - Enclosed Sessions #4

New Mindcast for your ears is online! This time we have none other then DJ Hidden aka Semiomime doing a special Enclosed Session for us. Inside you`ll find the first remix of the upcoming Atiq & EnK - Fear of the Unknown Remixes album which will be released early 2014! oh and a looooot more!! Enjoy and download this beast people!

Mindcast#5: Enclosed Sessions #4: Mindtrick

01. Eye-D & DJ Hidden - Time Device
02. The Outside Agency - The Wandering Mind
03. Optech - Fourtyfour
04. DJ Hidden - Legend Has It
05. DJ Hidden - Solipsism
06. I Am Legion - Blue Shift
07. Stavros Gasparatos - Intro
08. TechDiff - Decomission Procession
09. Balkansky & Current Value - Amnoent
10. Semiomime - Open Ending
11. Requake - Music Of The Spheres
12. Suboctane - Swallow Up
13. Ruby My Dear - Stax
14. DJ Hidden - Distant Drums
15. Atiq - Awakening
16. Delete - Neva (Module Module Remix)
17. Monolog - Mutestates
18. Atiq & Enk - Moonlit Tea Party (Semiomime Remix)
19. Balkansky & Niveau Zero - 666
20. HE3Dless - Inadequate
21. Fanu - Holograms
22. Dep Affect - Thought Reform
23. The Outside Agency - Dream Denial
24. The Outside Agency - Nostromo
25. Nosferatu - Kriminal Kultcha (Breakbeat Tribute)
26. DJ Hidden - Onyo
27. Technical Itch - Song Of Time
28. Mindustries - Empty Spaces

Bass Odyssey 2: Om Unit

The 2nd Bass Odyssey party will be held on Saturday the 23rd of November.
This time we`ve invited one of the most interesting guys in electronic music Om Unit!
Which just released his debut album on Civil Music and an EP on Metalheadz this guy is one to watch!

Also Atiq will represent Mindtrick Records in a special B2B set with Lowriders Records man Ruwedata

We hope to see you on the 23rd of November @ Worm in Rotterdam!


Suboctane debut album "Underground Traffic" Teaser!

This promo movie gives you a glimpse of what you can expect of the forthcoming album
by Suboctane called "Underground Traffic". It`s a exploration of the borders between future garage and
the original side of the Dubstep genre. and contains 14 original tracks.
The album will be released on the 25th of November and can be Pre-ordered in our SHOP

1. Luminescent
2. P.M.
3. Gloom
4. Kiji
5. Sacramental
6. Solution
7. Swallow Up
8. Insulation.mp3
9. Underground Traffic
10. Existentialism
11. Sunrise
12. Air
13. All Make For This
14. Let's keep quiet


Mindtrick Records @ Amsterdam Dance Event

We will be present at the Amsterdam Dance Event this year.
We are attending a demopitch panel at the `Next` conference
on Saturday the 19th of October.
If you want to setup a meeting at the ADE with us you can mail us at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Link to event at the ADE website LINK

New clubnight in Rotterdam: Bass Odyssey

We are co-hosting a new series of events every 2 months in our hometown of Rotterdam.
Bass Odyssey aims to merge different styles within the Bass Music spectrum and give them a home.

Think of Grime, UK Bass, Beats, Dubstep, Trap,Footwork and basically anything that is not pinned down
to a certain musical genre.
In collaboration with:
Progressive Intelligence
Hybrid Kids
TBMU (The Beat Makers Union)

This is our first edition! your invited!

Mindtrick Records Represented at Outlook Festival 2013

outlook logo

Some of you already knew it but we are proud to announce that Mindtrick Records
will be represented with 3 artists at the 2013 Outlook Festival in Croatia!

Atiq & EnK

We will host a timeslot of 3 hours at one of the stages inside the fort at the ultimate Bass music festival which
will be held at the end of the summer at an abandoned fort in Pula, Croatia!
This is the aftermovie of last years edition to get you in the mood!
Are you with us?? See you there!

Atiq & EnK - Fear Of The Unknown 2x12" vinyl

This is how the gate fold 2x12" 180 grams vinyl version of the Atiq & EnK album "Fear of The Unknown" looks like!
It includes the Digital download code and 2 exclusive stickers.

And is available through our WEBSHOP now!

We are already working on a remix album which will be released after the summer!

You can follow Atiq & EnK on


Didn`t hear the album yet? You can listen to some snippets below!


Delete releases new EP in July

After the vinyl album by Atiq & EnK we are proud to present the new EP by Delete!
We already released his album "Predatory Things Of A Minute" but there is a lot more
To hear from this producer from Russia.

This EP is called Neva and is featuring 4 new tracks and 4 remixes by 4 fresh producers.
Mirror State
Module Module
Blind Prophet

Check out the release for yourself and Order it at our Mindtrick Records Shop.

This new EP will be out on the 15th of July only Digitally.

You can follow Delete on Soundcloud HERE


Atiq & EnK - Sim One Video

The next release on Mindtrick Records will be the debut album by Atiq & EnK called "Fear Of The Unknown".
This 11 track album shows perfectly what we are all about at Mindtrick Records Bass heavy Epic darkness!
It will be released digitally and on 2x12 180gram vinyl Gatefold on the 23rd of April.
And can be Pre-Ordered through our SHOP.
The digipack cd version will be released by Tympanik Audio and will also be for sale very soon.
The first video is for the track Sim One and is made by dutch video artist Matthijs Vlot which you might know from his viral mash up videos, like the one he did for Lance Armstrong/Creep.

So enjoy the first official Mindtrick Records Video for Atiq & Enk!

Atiq & EnK Soundcloud
Atiq & Enk Facebook page

Tangent "1mk2" Out Now!

We will start the new string of Mindtrick releases with the album by Tangent.
“1 mk 2″ is inspired by the birth of our universe with all its violence and beauty.
The music takes the audience on a journey through sonic fields that never seem to end. Matter is formed and collapsed at the same time, while a new universe is created on the ashes of a previous one, like “1 mk 2” is based upon Tangent's promo “1”.

Check out the release for yourself and Order it at our Mindtrick Records Shop.

Album will be out today (18th of February) Digital and on Digipack CD including the "older" version 1 on CD.

You can follow Tangent on Facebook page HERE


Mindtrick Records takeover show on Electronic Explorations

Mindtrick Records celebrates it`s 5th anniversary in 2013 and to kick things of we did a exclusive mix for
Electronic Explorations! It contains 4 parts, 3 exclusive mixes by Delete,Atiq & EnK and He3dless.
And a forthcoming mix with a lot of the new tracks that we will release on the new compilation
"Frequencies Of The Mind 2"

Click HERE to go directly to the Electronic Explorations website Hot stuff!

Tangent "1MK2" Promo 2

This is the new Tangent "1MK2" Promo movie for the album that will released later this month stay tuned!

Tangent "1MK2" Album Release

We will release the Debut album by Tangent in January 2013!
Who are these guys anyway? Check out this movie which explains a lot about their music
and the Album "1MK2'

Check out their Facebook page here: TANGENT

Delete - Predatory Things Of A Minute OUT NOW

We are proud to present our latest physical release!
The long awaited album by Delete ships today!


You can now order the special red 12" including the full album on cd through our shop.
This also goes for the digital release.

Check this last and third promo for this amazing album.

Latest attention for He3dless

We are overwhelmed by all the positive reactions regarding our latest digital release by He3dless.
The release has been featured over at 22tracks and will be available at the dutch "Luisterpaal"
He3dless also got featured on Igloomagazine read it here

Also the nice SideLine Magazine wrote about his release: He3dless @ Side Line

And he updated his Soundcloud page with new music so
go and check it!

He3dless - Perspective Change EP out on the 17th of September

So the next Mindtrick Digital release will be by new artist He3dless!
Bringing a unique new flavour to the Mindtrick sound with his crystal clear production.
The EP consists of 5 tracks including a remix by longtime Mindtrick collaborator EVS
which is adding even more cherry's on top.

Check out the release for yourself and Pre-Order it at our Mindtrick Records Shop.

Ep will be out on the 17th of September Digital only


You can follow He3dless on his Facebook page HERE

2nd trailer for the next release by Delete

2nd Promo for the upcoming album by Delete which will be released on
Mindtrick Records in October 2012 on vinyl, cd and digitally (MTR011 + MTR012CD)
Special Stuff! In the meantime check out his Soundcloud page.


Delete - Predatory Things Of A Minute (Album Teaser)

1st Promo for the upcoming album by Delete which will be released on
Mindtrick Records in September 2012 on vinyl, cd and digitally (MTR011 + MTR012CD)


Igloomag Semiomime EP Review

We`ve got a nice new review in from our friends over at IglooMag this time
It`s the Semiomime - Six Steps EP that got reviewed.
You can read all about it here

Semiomime Review by Igloomag

And if you didn`t hear it yet for some reason you can do that below!

LBB invites Mindtrick Records

Last weekend (9th of June) we had a really great time at the Landbouwbelang in Maastricht with 
some of our best artists including:

Sinister souls
Atiq & EnK

The place was absolutely packed and sold out which was something that we didn`t expect!
So let`s do another one!

You can check the pictures HERE

Welcome To Our New Website!

new mindtrick records logo

So here it is! The brand spanking new website of Mindtrick Records!
You either love it or hate but it`s totally 2012 again and finally everything works properly.
The old one was in old HTML code so we decided to do a big upgrade in which not only
the design of the website was changed but we also got a new logo!

And off course there is also new music to explore since we also have 2 new releases planned for the 14th of May.

The first one is the new 12" vinyl record by Semiomime aka DJ Hidden which brings two special tracks made especially for Mindtrick Records. And next to this we bring you another digital release. On this sixth digital EP you can hear the the new project of Septic Insurgent.
Spenghead delivers a lot of bass on these two funky Glitchhop tracks! Sounds interesting? Check out the RELEASES page for snippits and more info about the artists.
And don`t forget to visit our new SHOP which finally works properly.

Mindtrick Records Event 25th of february @ Poortgebouw, Rotterdam

We are hosting a new event in Rotterdam which is called "Mindtrick" and will be held on Saturday the 25th of february in Rotterdam. the party is Invite only because we only have room foor 150 people so please come early! We wanted to do something new and special for the heads! It wil be "A Night Of Forward Thinking Electronic Music" so no musical boundaries just as we like it! So if you are in Rotterdam the 25th be there! More info on our Facebook page and the website of the Poortgebouw

Pythius Mix and interview for Dogs On Acid forum

Logo and link Dogs On Acid

Pythius made a great mix for the English Dogs On Acid forum and they interviewed him too! You can find the article and mix HERE

And listen/download below through our Soundcloud page.





New Digital Release By Red Eyes

The last release of this year will be out on the 19th of December just before Christmas. Red Eyes are dropping a huge EP which clearly shows that they are capable of doing more than just 1 style. Check out the Soundcloud snippits below! And offcourse like their Facebook page RED EYES





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